Some Ecotourism Areas could be Visited in Indonesia

Dwohoo · Tuesday, 25 October 2016 · 1205 Views

In recent time, you may often hear the term ecotourism from various sources. This term is actually not a new term in the world of tourism. The definition of ecotourism is to travel to places that are still relatively natural and not contaminated with modernity to learn and enjoy the charm of nature, environment, and culture of local communities in the region. The goal of developing the concept of ecotourism is to keep environment and to improve the welfare of local residents. In the concept of ecotourism, visitors can not only enjoy the beauty and charm of nature by observing the bird life, horse riding, or exploring the woods, but visitors are also invited to participate in the preservation of nature and environment as well as local residents.


The ecotourism concept combines a concern for nature and the environment, including flora and fauna and cannot be separated into conservation activities so that ecotourism can be a responsible tourist trip. Take a trip with the concept of ecotourism is not only able to provide a fun and entertainment, but also can show our concern for the sustainability of nature, environment, and culture in the region. At present, ecotourism became one of attractive choice for many tourists so no wonder many areas in Indonesia that seeks to manage and develop the tourism sector in their region with the concept.


There is little difference between ecotourism with the usual tourism. Places or sights that can be seen in ecotourism are an object related to nature and the environment. In this regard include flora and fauna, social and economic life, local culture, and various other unique things that make tourists have enormous admiration and love of the object. In addition, the ecotourism concept also involves the participation of visitors related to education, curiosity, research, as well as the pleasure associated with the surrounding environment. Of course, the concept of ecotourism also involving the local population in various matters related to the development of the ecotourism area ranging from providing lodging, providing services, environmentally responsible, or even be a tour guide. Moreover, ecotourism development project should include the preservation of the environment; prevent pollution of local arts and culture, as well as maintaining environmental security.


Indonesia has a huge potential for ecotourism from the sectors of nature, culture, art, and ethnicity. Nature in Indonesia also varied ranging from mountains, lakes, rivers, oceans, as well as the flora and fauna are very diverse. Art and culture in Indonesia is also unique and diverse from the west end to the east region of the country. Tourism potential that could be developed for ecotourism is also very much start of national parks, forest reserves, nature, tourism, and cultural tourism. In fact, the concept of artificial travel environment for insights could also be part of ecotourism.


There are several areas in Indonesia, which has managed to apply the concept of ecotourism. Tourism Village Panglipuran Bali can be one tourist area that offers cultural and traditional customs as an object or a tourist attraction in the region. visitors who come to this village can find out more in depth how the wisdom of traditional cultures and customs can be maintained in the region. You can also find other areas that apply ecotourism as a special attraction for visitors like the charm of nature Kampung Sampireun in Garut, West Java. The resort offers the feel and touch of the traditional start of the inn, diet, environment, and other elements. Until now, 27 attractions meet the criteria for the management and development of ecotourism. Some areas apply the concept of ecotourism to develop natural attractions such as the Riau Islands. Several others develop cultural tourism as a potential ecotourism in the region. In fact, there are also areas that optimize artificial tourism environmentally sound like in East Java.

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