The Six First Traveling Mistakes Abroad

Dwohoo · Monday, 9 July 2018 · 773 Views The effects of social media, especially Instagram, massively make some people jump into the activity of the streets, then upload photos adventure. It makes traveling aka traveling activity increasingly rising.


People's travel destinations are now widespread. Not only in the country but began to spread abroad. Unfortunately, not a few travelers go abroad without preparation. Instead of enjoying the journey, they are in trouble because of some problems.


Some foreign media such as Forbes, The Bot News, and released, there are at least six common mistakes people make when first traveling abroad. Here are the details:


  1. Redeem currency in cash

Carrying cash and trading in foreign currency at a tourist location, such as an article released by Forbes, will only suck up a lot of expenses. Should withdraw money directly through automated teller machines (ATM). Some debit cards do not charge transaction fees for foreign currency withdrawals. The bank will automatically calculate it through the current exchange rate. Also should not withdraw cash through ATM at the airport. Therefore, the calculation of the exchange rate at the airport is greater. Walk down to the city center, then withdraw cash at the nearest ATM. However, you must make sure the ATM is connected to the Visa or Mastercard network.


  1. No sleep on the plane

It would be better if you feel tired before boarding the plane. The reason, in the plane, you can memandaatkan time to sleep and rest. Unfortunately, many travelers can not sleep on the plane. This makes the body unfit. Especially abroad, you will feel a different time zone. Jet lag with a disturbing enough impact may be one of the threats if you lack a break. Read: Enjoying Tempoe Doloe Cuisine at Papringan Market, Temanggung


  1. Bring your neck pillow

Bring a flavored neck pillow-it feels a bit inconvenient. Because its existence will take place. In fact, when traveling abroad, you must save space in a backpack or suitcase. You can replace the neck pillow with a jacket that is rolled up as a wedge head while sleeping. After all, using a prolonged neck pillow can cause neck problems.


     4. Bring too many books

Carrying a book on the journey is important to ward off boredom. But bringing in large numbers is not a good idea. You can take a thin book. The rest, save in e-book. In addition, to not burden innate, you will not feel bothered carrying the excessive burden. Read: 5 Snacks at Garuda Indonesia Airlines, Which is the Most Favorite


  1. Not carrying prescription

Often, travelers with a specific disease do not carry a prescription, but only the cure. This may be a hindrance during the trip. When applying for a visa, it's a good idea to ask the embassy about taking the medicine. It's a good idea to bring a prescription from a doctor as evidence.


  1. Fear of local people

Showing the fear of the local people is not an interesting idea. Because the faces of suspicion will actually cause a gap between you and the local population. It's a good idea to try to blend in with them and recognize their true life. Adapting to the environment is one of the essences of traveling.

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